1 on 1 chat

When you chat with someone, the chat conversation displays on the Chat page.

The Chat page maintains your chat history and displays the most recent chat.

You can compose a new chat with someone with whom you have not previously chatted.

It's often said that every social network eventually adds messaging... - What where the main reasons / triggers that made want to build a chat? any off the shelf 3rd party solutions running behind the scenes? Product Hunt has matured as a community and "social network" of sorts. We're working on some other big projects that will benefit from Chat. 😉 As for the technical implementation, I'll let @vesln chime [email protected] @rrhoover if I could upvote this hunt twice, I would.

I got a lot of feedback, new ideas and recommendations, as well as found people sharing similar interests or working on the same challenges as I do, so chat feels like a very necessary next step to facilitate more collaboration.

🙌🏻 I feel like we would see more and more stories like 'I've met my co-founder on Product Hunt' very soon. Been lucky to have tested this before it was launched.

Re: your concern around spam, about half of the development work went into anti-harassment/spam and user privacy controls. In your settings, choose whether you’re open to messages from everyone, only people your follow, or nobody. We also have many throttles and checks behind-the-scenes to automatically detect and prevent potential abuse.

As I shared in the blog post announcement, we invested in tooling to give users the ability to: 1. If someone is sending unwanted messages, reporting will notify our team and close the chat. Would love feedback/ideas on this topic, especially once you have more time to play around with it. Always awesome to see a team building user first features and thinking about the long term with a major release like this. Can't wait to see how this shifts PH into a more central hub of conversation.

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