14 16 year old dating

I guess there’s a chance she has very lax parents - in that case it may be up to you to put some boundaries on their dates.

My guess is that he will get fed up with the limitations and inevitable maturity gap and find dating a girl his age a lot more appealing.

I would ask your son what exactly he has in common with this middle schooler and have a long talk about boundaries considering her age.

A few months later I was 14 and suddenly dating older guys was fine for me.Her being at another school probably will make a difference in how much they see each other too. It's not illegal to DATE someone who's 13.It's illegal to HAVE SEX with someone who's 13.Original poster, I know of parents of younger daughters that handled this by letting them have supervised time together with each other's family until the romance died of natural causes as most teen romances do. It stayed pretty innocent, hand holding and kissing...I would just keep an eye out and make sure your son knows what you expect of him..make sure her parents are aware of the situation as well.

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