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Another myth is that older adults are so medically fragile that sexual activity is dangerous. Recent studies have shown that healthy older adults are more likely to have sex.Even when chronic illnesses are present, sexual abstinence is not a foregone conclusion.The first myth is that older adults are not as sexually attractive or desirable as their younger counterparts.

Thankfully, I kept my cool and this was a one-time faux pas – with that guy.They don’t represent who I am – I have never liked cartoons and I am not a “car guy” – and they aren’t particularly original. I’m of the view that actions speak louder than words. I think most people mean well and if they are guilty of anything it’s that they haven’t spent enough time with people like me.Here are some things you can and should do when you meet someone with a disability: Now that I have all this off my chest, there’s one more thing I need to make clear. If you find that you have committed one or more of these gauche transgressions, don’t worry. So I’m not looking for a heartfelt apology letter stained with the tears of your remorse.Our research has explored sexuality among older adults experiencing healthy aging and also aging with health challenges.We found that older adults who routinely talk with health care providers about sexual matters are more likely to be sexually active, despite sexual dysfunctions or other health issues.

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