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The Front Door was the last and only location I knew of in the area.Thanks, and look forward to finding some new places. Have a few drinks and if you didn’t get lucky, you could stop by the Front Door Theater and you wouldn’t have to leave “empty handed”.It is located near Washington and Garfield, in the city of Commerce, CA.Email me for more detail: February 16, 2005 at pm The name on the door says “Front Door Theatre and Bookstore”.Towards the end of the film, the gentleman suddenly arose from his prone position with the unmistakeable body language (and accompanying verbalization) that suggested that he had actually not been sleeping at all.Needless to say, I stayed away from his seat when leaving the theater.

Please post any locations in the southern california area that you have found be be good.

There is no marquee and ladies are free with male escort; the ceiling is caved in at points – possibly from water damage – blacklights illuminate most of the room so one can see everything (ahem) that people are doing while they watch the films, which are digitally projected from a machine in the ceiling.

An electronic ticker machine on the wall of the auditorium repeatedly warns patrons not to expose themselves and keep their hands to themselves.

Itâ€\s not a theater, but it is cleaner, well lit, and none of the booths have doors.

So, you can watch others “enjoy” the movie, or have them watch you.

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