Adults posing as teens in chatrooms Ipad adult chat cams

Today, teens can be part of the Yahoo community through a Yahoo Family Account.A Yahoo Family Account allows parents to add children to their account.This gives teenagers permission to access email, message boards and instant messaging with parental supervision.Responsibility to protect the child or teen from harmful content rests with the parent-not Yahoo.Unfortunately these types of events are not just stories they really happen and young teen internet users are at the greatest risk.Online social and dating sites continue to grow at a rapid rate over the last few years and there is an increased risk a teen will fall victim to an online predator.

Yahoo Teen Chats opened unsuspecting teens to sexual predators.As parents we know this takes a lot of repetition, usually until our kids roll their eyes and say, "I KNOW!" Also, it can be complicated: Teens want to be liked and belong, so positive attention from someone can be really compelling.We might not want to think about our kids dealing with creepy people online.But for many parents, it's the scariest thing about our kids' digital lives.

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