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And Sabinal, which has a population of just 1,700, is the sort of place where everybody knows everybody—and everybody’s business.

It’s a ranching and farming community that sits mainly on the north side of U. 90 about sixty miles west of San Antonio, where the live oaks of the rolling Hill Country yield to the scrub brush and mesas of the Wild West; the big event of the year is the wild-hog-catching contest in March.

The two men knew each other, Brown maintains, but not well, and Borrego had been warned several times by Rodriguez and other members of the family not to come to their mother’s house. It’s a very regrettable accident, but the Texas Penal Code says very clearly that you can use deadly force in this situation,” Brown says.

Tovar, a childhood friend of Rodriguez’s who has known him since he answered to El Charro (“The Rider”), confirms that he and Johnny and two of their friends were sitting on his porch—drinking beer, playing acoustic guitars, and singing—when Borrego had arrived earlier in the evening.

One of the most important features of this website has always been the Forum section, “Talk About Rodriguez”, where Rodriguez devotees can share their experiences and thoughts with other fans all over the world.

This website has always been fully endorsed and supported by Rodriguez and his family, who read this message board regularly.

A country music superstar in the seventies, a journeyman in the eighties—and a murderer in the nineties? ON SATURDAY, AUGUST 29, THE Uvalde County sheriff’s dispatcher radioed Sabinal officer Guillermo Quirova to say that a 911 call had come in: A man had been shot on North Pickford Street—the second time in several weeks that the police had received a report of gunshots at that address.At first they tolerated him, but when Borrego went into the house and began busting up furniture, Tovar and Rodriguez ran him off, with Tovar beating him up a bit on the edge of the lawn.Their friends left, but Rodriguez and Tovar stayed on the porch, drinking and singing until about four.“This is a quiet little town,” says the current mayor of Sabinal, George Lee Moore. There was a lot of shock, but mainly there was confusion.” IT WAS A CONFUSING SITUATION.TEXAS RANGER COY SMITH, who is helping with the investigation, cites “a series of events beginning that afternoon and culminating in the shooting” but will say little else.

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