American man dating chinese women

If you want marry a Chinese woman you'll have to casually ask to meet her parents. In any case you can expect her to mention introducing your parents either within the first couple of months of dating or if you mention it first.

Sometimes your Chinese date might want to marry you and will do everything to make it happen.

In contrast though, Chinese guys who date Western women, tend to stay in China.

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This must have been a huge letdown for him, but fortunately love won out.After all many Chinese ladies aren't looking for a husband.Rest easy - there are some solid tell-tale signs that she wants to be your Chinese wife.On the flip side she might just be going through that "gotta get married" phase and isn't particularly picky about who she marries (hence she's might even hold out from making love to you until you agree to marry her. This might bad news for you because your personality and/or character might not have been what attracted her to you.

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    This may mean putting off intimacy for a (long) period of time until the partner has made a clear commitment to the relationship, and both parties are on the same wavelength; this may mean a lot of dates and meetings where there is minimal physical contact.

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