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Meanwhile, the rectum will just suck up your penis like a vacuum.Play with her clitoris too and you’ll really send her into the stratosphere.It goes on to say, ““Young people’s narratives normalized coercive, painful and unsafe anal heterosex.This study suggests an urgent need for harm reduction efforts targeting anal sex to help encourage discussion about mutuality and consent, reduce risky and painful techniques and challenge views that normalize coercion.” HPV (human papillomavirus) is the main cause of anal cancer; but apparently, anal intercourse in particular increases the likelihood that the virus will attack the anus or rectum.

Because “condoms are not 100% effective” the CDC advises that one “consider using other prevention methods to further reduce your risk.” That would require taking a medication, pre-exposure prophylaxis (Pr EP), which has to be taken consistently.The vagina stretches to let in a penis and give birth, but a rectum does not.Thus you can cause searing pain if you don't prepare her properly.A smaller study sample from a 2007 study looking at “main” and “casual” sexual relations among urban minority adolescent females found that teen girls with “casual” partners and those with a “main” partner had a similar percentage Are there health concerns regarding heterosexual anal intercourse?Of course – as with all types of sexual activity – there are both emotional and physical pitfalls.

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