Are mr and mrs fresh dating

In 2016, 7,614 marriages here ended in a divorce or an annulment, up by 1.2 per cent from 2015.

Ms Alagirisamy says: "The key to remaining close as a couple is to consistently make time for each other and show their spouse that he or she matters.

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She cites a study in recent years by the National Marriage Project at the University of Virginia in the United States.

They have been having these lunch dates since 1982.

Mr Kua is the chief executive of the Singapore Buddhist Federation, which is located in Geylang, while Madam Ng is an executive secretary at the Rubber Trade Association of Singapore, whose office is in the Central Business District.

"We did not have a weekly date for close to 15 years," says Ms Ng.

She recalls feeling guilty about being out on a date when her eldest was one year old.

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