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So more and more bi singles and couples turn to bisexual dating sites to find their partners and lovers.Bisexual dating sites have so many advantages for bisexual women and men.“We just provide people the ability to meet each other .

In a article, they explained, “If we can attract and retain women, we can essentially enhance the experience for both genders.” Their algorithm was inspired by Arum’s coursework on social networks at Harvard.Bisexual people are interested in both men and women.Because of bisexuality, bisexual people will not only feel the best part of men world but also feel the best of women's world. With the development of society, the methods of dating has changed a lot.It is a community which is built only for bisexual singles and bisexual couples. When I was young, I feel that I am different from other people. Bisexuality is the most attractive sexuality in the world.It makes bisexual women and bisexual men communicate and date in an easy way. Bisexual people are interested in both men and women.

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