Boundaries on dating

Gary Smalley – Author of Making Love Last Forever “Boundaries in Dating explains why dating relationships go bad, how to identify the warning signs, and when to confront a dating partner. At some point, everyone looks for the perfect relationship, and that usually doesn't happen without dating.

Other people might feel confined by strict schedules and love having as much spontaneity as possible in their lives.

I’ve carried on friendships and relationships far too long in the past just because I didn’t know how to get out of them. everything is about the other person and me listening to their problems, attending to their needs… Much of what I did and how I was being treated were being decided by other people. Living without boundaries gives people the freedom to suck your life energy out of you at will.

I have been working to teach my kids to establish boundaries and speak up for themselves. A few years ago, someone gave me this piece of advice: Schedule time for yourself first, for the people you love second, and for your work and everything else third. ” The reason I felt so strongly that I couldn’t possibly use this approach to scheduling was that I had no boundaries. Setting boundaries frees up energy so that you can use it toward things that matter to you the most.

When the kids all go to school this fall and I’ll be at home by myself all day every day, I predict I’m going to be a lot more flexible with my time on evenings and weekends. 😉 Most people have different boundaries for different types of relationships: I’m very conflict averse and I know many of you are the same way.

It can be helpful to keep in mind that enforcing your boundaries doesn’t always require conflict or major confrontation.

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