Breast dating sites

While the results were presented earlier this month at a gathering for the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, some professionals were torn on their meaning and import.

Some researchers believe this improved satisfaction is tainted, mainly because it represents women merely being more attractive to men.

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' And then I showed him a topless picture that I’d taken after my surgery.“I’m a breast cancer survivor…so my body is not so perfect,” wrote one woman on recently.“If you can’t handle that, keep it moving.” (And plenty of dates can handle it: “One of the top things singles say they are looking for is the ability to learn from a partner,” says Laurie Davis Edwards, founder of the online dating-coaching service e Flirt.I said, ' Teaching moment: This is a tattooed aureole, and this is a reconstructed nipple.' And he was like, ' Cool! I get called fearless, but I’m not: Part of the reason I’m searching for a partner is that I fear my cancer will recur and I’ll end up alone, without someone by my side. It took me a long time to love and be comfortable with how I look.So now that I am, my attitude is, ' F--k it, this is me.

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