Brent smith shinedown dating

The band arrived and all popped in to say hello to us before the reps and managers divided them up for their respective interviews and/or backstage prep.

Smith was the last to arrive but immediately proved to be as open and friendly as past interviews have shown him to be.

I was pretty new to Shinedown as a band – I recognized “Second Chance” from way back when, largely due to the lyrical reference to Halley’s Comet that always stood out to me.

For a non-metal band though, I recently found out that they write really catchy hard rock music with rather profound lyrics that are easy to relate to if you’ve ever been through… After doing a little bit of research, I was actually really excited that we were given the opportunity to do an interview with vocalist/lyricist Brent Smith, because he didn’t come across as media-shy at all, and has been through a lot in his 40 years.

I had more questions than I knew I would have time to ask.

It doesn’t really ‘end.’ The journey just continues, because of the way that it’s designed.

We want the listener to put themselves inside of the room.

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