Butch for femme dating

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The queer people who didn’t want to play by middle class rules rebelled.

Butch has been connected to trans identities, and some who identified as butch women went on to identify as trans men or transmasculine.

That same year, butch visibility got even louder when butch singer k.d.

The rise of feminism on college campuses left out working-class bar dykes — and butches were even considered “politically incorrect” by lesbian feminists in the 1970s. There were “butch bottoms” and “femme tops” who used the terms for their own pleasure.

In the ballroom scene, queer people of color used the term in categories that measured masculinity, like “butch realness” or “butch queen.”Tony Kushner’s landmark 1991 play about these years, , dubbed Joe Pitt — a closeted gay “Marlboro man” — a “mega-butch,” in contrast to the play’s femme protagonists.

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