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Retrained as a Travel Agent, who couldn’t get enough of new travel inspirations. Novice Adventurer since 2015 in New Zealand, Japan, Bali, Singapore and Taiwan.

I caught the travel bug and I won’t stop anytime soon.

As the Japanese tradition dictates, he gives me his business card.

He’s often on the phone, seems like he’s calling people to find me a place to sleep tonight. She seems so happy about it that she gives it to me! This will be my first failed attempt to refuse generosity coming from a Japanese people, and believe me, there was plenty.

I’m still nervous when I follow Teiichi in the Shinjuku’s streets.I have to follow the footsteps of this smiling Japanese lady because I’m afraid to do it wrong – I know that you have to follow some rules while taking a bath in Japan, and I’m completely scared to do something wrong that might look shocking.This lady doesn’t speak a word of English when I’m asking her how should I was myself before entering the baths, but she’s smiling like an angel so I just watch, learn and do as her.I’m heavy loaded, Monster my backpack is killing my shoulders. I mean that’s even the first reason that brought me here.I can’t seem to realise that I’m finally here, in this country I so often dreamed of, that I’m am all by myself, starting my long journey in this huge sprawling city. So, I find myself following Teiichi who’s bringing me to his favourite .

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