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Unselfish love is the "glue" that holds marriages together.

The husband worked diligently to provide material needs and protection while the wife worked diligently at domestic chores.has helped thousands of Catholics worldwide recover from divorce and rebuild their lives. a literal “how-to” manual for recovering from divorce.It walks you through the most difficult issues of divorce by taking you step-by-step through what the Catholic Church teaches on each subject. I am so excited for you to get a copy of my book, I will send it to you with FREE SHIPPING. The section in each chapter gives you specific exercises to help you work through, and cope with, the critical issues you are facing. Background Institution of Marriage Dating and Choosing a Spouse Family Love Sex Remarriage After Death of a Spouse Divorce and Remarriage Biblical Grounds for Divorce Lasting Damage of Divorce Other Reasons for Divorce Questions What Is a Marriage? What Does the Bible Say About Polygamy or Bigamy - Having More Than One Wife or Husband? Church Doctrine Roman Catholic Southern Baptist United Methodist Related Articles In Biblical times, marriages were commonly arranged by the parents of the bride and groom.

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