Chris pine and reese witherspoon dating

There are some splashy new movies out in theaters this weekend, and yet neither of them are looking capable of tackling the monster hits from last weekend.Early box office numbers from Friday indicate that The Vow and Safe House are looking strong enough to top the box office this weekend After finally kicking my Super Bowl hangover sometime around Wednesday afternoon I dusted the cobwebs off and got back to the task hand: thinking incessantly about movies and their critical Tomatometer score. This week we’re going to war and lighting our heads on fire Fox seemed to have a pretty good strategy in place for their upcoming action comedy This Means War, planning a Valentine's Day release to capitalize on date night with a movie that appeals to women with romance and to guys with big explosions and chases.The best news about this is the professed alternate endings that Mc G thought about pursuing in the theatrical release will show up in the Blu-Ray special features section.What would have been terrible as a marketing tool to get people to see the flick twice should work great as a couple of extras on the disc As four day weekend holidays go, this Presidents Day weekend hasn't been very kind to new releases.

With a little bit of tweaking, could be a pretty cutting vision of a certain cavalier type of romantic relationship.

The vid below lets them speak for themselves with succinct and brutal reviews.

This Means War drops on May 22 and will be available in a Blu-Ray combo pack or as a DVD.

The team at compiled four minutes of some of the worst movies of the year reviewing themselves.

Which movies did they pick and what does each one say for itself? Read More » thinking “what a depressing piece of garbage,” even as I realized that a summation like that might not be completely fair.

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