Consolidating websites

This made certain the new, combined site evolved effectively as BX3’s customers acclimated to the newly fused company.

In order to keep customers informed, and to help with SEO, New Media Retailer published blog posts on the new website, communicated changes and helped with the transition process. To round out the service, New Media provided BX3 with monthly analytics and reports on the website’s performance.

The website presented the combined company’s full catalog, the retail hardware business and both rental businesses into a seamless whole that was easy to navigate and customer-friendly.

We needed a content manager, and a fresh look with our re-branding process.”When BX3 approached New Media Retailer, their various business divisions straddled three different brands, BX3 Supply, Taylor Rental, and Endless Mountain Events.

New Media Retailer searched diligently for backdoors into the account and utilized numerous tactics to merge the two accounts into one, but it quickly became clear that this strategy wasn’t viable.

Instead, the employee-owned account would have to be shut down.

BX3 grew concerned that closing the account might cause them to lose followers if they weren’t properly informed of the situation.

The potential for misunderstandings was high, and BX3 wanted to be certain this new snag wouldn’t cost them customers in the long run.

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