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I am a grown man with a solid career, who is getting disappointed that most except sword_, Cali Super Sport and a few others didn't get the point of this thread..This Elliot Rogers was a child who accomplished nothing in his life.Even funnier the two or three that were "off" I met in real life I later found out got on dating apps lol. We weren't engaged or anything, but it was pretty serious (we met each other's families, talked about the future, etc.) Unfortunately, I did face some domestic violence in this relationship, physical and otherwise.It is not hatred, but general opinion is not neutral or positive anymore...

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But you have to realize 2% of the population is hardcore sociopaths, and then you have something like 1/4 women is depressed. Some are religious, and so they have some weird sexual identity issues.Then there is the whole issue of negative body image in the media.There's the fact that a lot of women have been sexually assaulted or harassed...If you talk to women more you realize that they are human too and have their own set of problems, shortcomings, and failures. If you identify with 100% of feedback about you, it's no wonder you'd feel miserable.***The Misadventures of Gandalf the Black*** **Best Meet Lifts***/***Best Gym Lifts*** (strength status: retired) S/457.5 ~ 450x3 B/325 ~ 315x5/350x1 D/512.6 ~ 495x3 ***Big Dick Crew*** ***Black Crew*** ***High Test Crew*** ****King of the Misc**** ****2019 Aesthetics Crew**** This Elliot Rogers was a child who accomplished nothing in his life.

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