Correctly dating a beuscher alto sax

I doubt if you will get a diadram of an early 1920's true tone.-If your worried about putting things back wrong they wont fit anyway.Looks like I'll need to replace felts, springs and bumpers on it also.blues guy Glad it's all apart, blues guy; the fun starts when you put it back together All the advice so far is sound, but can I add a few extra comments?

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Ferrees do not have a list of pad sizes for the TTs but Buescher changed them fairly often.

Secondly, however neat your pile, you may find some things don't fit too well.

If that happens, take heed of Dave Dix's advice: in effect, if it doesn't want to go, you have got it wrong!

I separate components into different areas (piles) when I disassemble -- here's the right-hand stack, here's the left, here's the palm keys, etc.

For the stacks & parts with long rods, I unhook all the springs & try to remove the whole rod while keeping the keys more or less in place, and then take each key component & thread them back on the rod (while it's off the horn) in the proper order -- which really speeds things along when you're reassembling.

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