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You can update it by double-clicking the cell, making no changes, and then press Enter, but this can be very tedious.This process is particularly troublesome when importing significant amounts of data.

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We want to give it the format: [h]:mm:ss To do this, start by selecting the column. Choose Custom and type in the format you want to use for the numbers. Notice nothing has changed, even though it shows “Custom” in the Number Format drop-down.If you want to use a different symbol (say, Euros instead of Dollars), it’s easy to change using a setting in Window’s Control Panel.The procedure for changing this setting is similar in Windows 7, 8, and 10, with slight differences in how you access the Control Panel setting.I am puzzled by this and would appreciate any ideas from technically savvy users on how to address it.I think I can work around it, but I really shouldn't have to. I have done this at times by selecting an entire spreadsheet column, by clicking on the capital letter with which the column is labelled.

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