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Some of the reasons plan executives might be particularly sensitive to target-fund fees, sources said, is their popularity as a qualified default investment option and the heightened visibility that comes with that, along with the ease of comparing expense ratios over target-date features like glidepath design and performance.Putnam's launch of a lower-cost share class is just one approach target-date managers have taken to reduce fees.The three examples illustrate that some vendor invoices will be immediately recorded as expenses while other invoices are initially recorded as assets.The accounts payable staff needs to be instructed as to the proper accounts to be debited when vendor invoices are entered as credits to Accounts Payable.It is also necessary to review the receiving reports that have not yet been matched to vendor invoices.If items were ordered and received prior to December 31, the amounts must be recorded as of December 31 through an accrual-type adjusting entry.During the first few days after an accounting period ends, it is important for the accounts payable staff to closely examine the incoming vendor invoices.

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Fees for the R6 share class range from 0.44% to 0.52% depending on the vintage year, Mr. Other ways target-date fund managers have driven down costs has been launching purely index-based series or strategies that blend active and passive strategies. introduced a series of index-based target-date mutual funds made up of low-cost Schwab exchange-traded funds.

Five months after the direct management fee model was put in place for American Century's One Choice Target-Date Portfolios, the firm was able to add an emerging market corporate debt strategy at no additional cost to plan participants, Mr. Under the old fee model, changing an underlying strategy would have had a "tangible effect on the expense ratio," he added.

When the new fee model was put in place, expense ratios for most mutual fund share classes for the One Choice portfolios were reduced by 6 basis points, while the expense ratio for the R6 share class (which doesn't have revenue sharing) fell by 13 basis points, he said. Haas said the new fee structure reinforced the firm's "commitment to being competitively priced in the target-date space" and providing better retirement outcomes for participants.

These documents should be reviewed in order to determine whether a liability and an expense have actually been incurred by the company as of the end of the accounting period.

Since the accrual method of accounting requires that all of a company's liabilities and expenses must be reported on the financial statements, companies should prepare an at the end of every accounting period.

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