Darwin dating joke

Over time, beneficial mutations accumulate and the result is an entirely different organism (not just a variation of the original, but an entirely different creature).Darwin's Theory of Evolution - Natural Selection While Darwin's Theory of Evolution is a relatively young archetype, the evolutionary worldview itself is as old as antiquity.Breeders eliminate undesirable traits gradually over time.Similarly, natural selection eliminates inferior species gradually over time.That is, complex creatures evolve from more simplistic ancestors naturally over time.

Its offspring would inherit that advantage and pass it on to their offspring.Natural selection is the naturalistic equivalent to domestic breeding.Over the centuries, human breeders have produced dramatic changes in domestic animal populations by selecting individuals to breed.Specified complexity pervades the microscopic biological world.Molecular biologist Michael Denton wrote, "Although the tiniest bacterial cells are incredibly small, weighing less than 10 grams, each is in effect a veritable micro-miniaturized factory containing thousands of exquisitely designed pieces of intricate molecular machinery, made up altogether of one hundred thousand million atoms, far more complicated than any machinery built by man and absolutely without parallel in the non-living world." [5] And we don't need a microscope to observe irreducible complexity.

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