Dating a computer programmer

They made overall population resilient to changing environment, threats and challenges.

Software teams need diversity not only in skills, experience and knowledge.

A team could work on the green-field new development to maintenance projects.

Therefore, proportion of optimal personalities will be different.

These wonderful personality traits make our life refreshing and sometimes totally unpredictable.

We are different in behavior, reactions and feelings in the similar situations.

Morale is that our evolution preserved different personalities for the good reason.

They help us to survive and advance under various unpredictable conditions.

A programmer’s personality affects behavior and therefore it must have significant impact on the work itself.Team leader could use this checklist to find out if his team is diverse enough. Recognize that people have different personalities. We cannot do much to change them in an adult age (in many cases even after the birth). Assemble a diverse team covering a range of personalities able to effectively respond in different situations.Don’t hope that you’ll find perfect match in one person – all of us have strength and weaknesses.Small birds, great tits, have personality ranging from highly exploratory to more cautious one.Scientists found that the both personality types are optimal, but under different conditions.

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