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I didn’t know back when I started this thing that I was, you know, starting A Thing, with Jedi Hugs and FEELINGSBOMBS and African Violets.

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Most people I knew as a kid had crooked teeth to some degree, although a lot of these people also got braces. I don't have "perfect teeth" by any stretch of the imagination, but my teeth are straighter than his.w=132 132w" sizes="(max-width: 264px) 100vw, 264px" / Happy New Year, Awkwardtown!I apologize to RSS readers- this post prematurely went up before I was done with it. This week marks the 1 year anniversary of this blog (January 4th!So I signed up for some online dating, but it’s been tough.Once I found your blog I took a couple weeks to read through your old questions, some of them were very relevant to my issues. (comment: “Sure, they notice if you are sloppy, or not practicing basic hygiene and grooming…”) (one comment stuck out: “Poor dental hygiene to me is a total, permanent deal-breaker.”)About me: I’m a hetero male, nearing 40 years old.

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