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A few weeks later, during an argument (I wanted to go out with my friends, he didn't want me to go because he got very angry when I had any fun), he pinned me against the wall and said, "I wish I could punch you in the fucking face right now." And then laughed.

The next day I packed my shit while he was at work. The part of him with empathy just wasn't there.

He leaned over, put his arm around me — I thought he was trying to comfort me.

Then he hissed in my ear, "You're fucking embarrassing me and making a scene.

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We lived together so I was biding my time and planning to leave.So now, let’s get to the why you need to date a hippie.As already stated, you wouldn’t spend a fortune to please your partner.I kind of laughed and told him not to worry I was a grown up and whatever happened we could try and work it out.His voice changed and he looked even worse and said, ' You don't understand. He must have cared about you a lot to leave so suddenly. Had something similar happen- started dating a veteran and he had some pretty rampant PTSD.

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