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In many cases, people who have suffered from a substance abuse disorder hold their recovery and sobriety close to their hearts.If you are going to invest in the relationship, it’s important that you show an interest in their recovery story.Understand the importance of a meeting, even if it is happening on a Friday night.Try to develop your own hobbies and interests separate from your partner.If you are going to move forward with the relationship, then you have to be willing to accept the baggage that comes with it.

For some people, finding out that the person you’re dating once suffered from substance abuse can be hard to understand.It’s natural to feel inclined to jump to conclusions when dating a person in recovery, but be careful in your assumptions.Just because they are late meeting you or not answering the phone does not mean that they are off doing drugs.Becoming consumed with worry or anxious about the potential of relapse will only strain trust.And, if you’re just beginning to date someone, starting off with broken trust is a sure way to ruin something before it ever has a chance to begin. A person in recovery will often have a lot going on, including regular group meetings or therapy.

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