Dating age of the earth

They say it requires great time; so the earth must be very old. In the late 1800s, many scientists concluded that the earth must be at least 100 million years old because that was considered the minimum time necessary for evolution to account for the earth’s biology and geology.The need for time drives the claims of ancient dates.So we wouldn’t expect to find the original “primordial” rocks on earth.Instead, scientists must look to other bodies in the solar system that are less active geologically.Since then, many critics have noted that his objections have been explained to their satisfaction. Many of Kelvin’s colleagues believed in great age despite the evidence, not because of it.

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Yet his evolutionary colleagues persisted in their belief despite Lord Kelvin’s objections.Material that didn’t become part of the sun supposedly coalesced into larger and larger pieces, eventually forming planets and their satellites, or moons.But many of the pieces never formed into planets or satellites.By knowing the decay rate and measuring the amount of both kinds of atoms in a rock, scientists can compute the amount of time it took to produce the stable atoms. Were some of the stable atoms present in the rock to begin with?Did some of either type of atom leave or enter the rock during the time being measured for decay?

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