Dating agency scams ukraine

The best way to do this is by actually traveling to the beautiful hot Russian girl or beautiful Ukrainian women’s home country and meeting her in person.

The chances of fraud happening when you take the time to arrange for a date are only around 1%.

We have human chat, email support and offer free answers to ALL your questions about known dating scams. But the part of legitimate dating sites or marriage agencies does not exceed 3%.

So very few of them are transparent, honest and pride themselves in finding partners for discerning and professional Western men.

But, if you remain in the stage of online correspondence, 9 times out of 10, the one you are in contact with is probably not at all interested in meeting you, much less marrying you.

Therefore, you should try to keep emails to a minimum in order to verify if you are being scammed.

You also have to remind yourself that there is a slight chance you will be stood up (rare, but it happens), or that when you finally look into the Russian woman’s eyes, you could very well decide that she is not the one for you after all.

In the most part, we have to admit that the majority of them are fake.

No wonder Bob from New York was excited as he stood in a hotel lobby in central part of Kiev, talking about his new girlfriend, 25 years old Olga from the Ukrainian capital. Bob paid 4,495 dollars for the Tour Package, sold by the online dating company Anastasia Date.

Every year such tours to Ukraine and Russia are organized for western men who intend to meet women they’ve met through Anastasia Date. Most likely Bob will return to New York with a broken heart. The combination of online dating and Tour Package to Russia and Ukraine is a rather dubious offer in the tourism industry.

For example, the marriage agency strongly encourages its users to keep online correspondence to a minimum and to meet in person.

That way, you know the beautiful woman is single, motivated and serious.

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