Dating before divorce

You CAN see people, of course, but use your best judgment. Again, once you've signed a separation agreement, it's less risky–but it's still adultery (and therefore still a misdemeanor in Virginia) until you've got that Final Decree of Divorce with the judge's signature on it. I would say, however, that if you would be angry with your husband for having his new girlfriend over while the children are there, then it would probably be a good idea if you didn't do it either.

Before you've signed an agreement, it's a very bad idea. Until there is an order preventing you from doing something (like having unrelated overnight guests when the children are present), legally speaking you are allowed to do it. It's probably also not a bad idea to consider your children and where they are in the whole process.

However, dating can have some legal consequences that could affect you while finalizing the divorce, so it is important to be careful with your approach.

This article will discuss ways you can go about dating in a smart, safe, and courteous way.

" Some of these questions are not the most appropriate questions for lawyers to answer.

What choices you may make with respect to raising your children, for example, is definitely not our area of expertise.

Lawyers do sometimes have to offer advice in these situations to help prevent our clients from making mistakes, in their excitement over having a chance to start fresh, that may have legal consequences for them down the road.

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But if you are dating somebody, your spouse may want to make support payments over time, so that he or she can stop once you start living with your new partner.Money received from property settlements is not taxable income, so your spouse could consider giving you marital property but no ongoing support.However, if you date before the divorce is finalized, it could change his or her mind.When it comes to meeting new people, it's a dangerous until you've signed a separation agreement (or until after your trial), because you don't want to do anything that would arouse suspicion.Even if you aren't having sex, the appearance of impropriety on your part can cause mistrust on the other side, which can slow down your divorce.

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