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So I was hoping someone can post the new serial number look up site (that will produce a model number).. or if someone who can point "if it has/doesn't have this, and is in this SN range, it's most iikely xxx" I'd be happy with that too.It SEEMS like it's an R13 from all circumstantial evidences based on my search.After a few bites you aimlessly push the food around until the plate (thankfully! My personal favorite brunch item is a made-to-order omelette filled with cheddar and bacon, cooked until the eggs are brown and almost crunchy around the edges.A side of crispy breakfast potatoes and a steamy mug of decaf with lots of milk are the perfect accompaniments.Clarinet number one was produced in 1928, and the most recent serial number on is 545021, manufactured in 2005.

Hi I have a Buffet Crampon clarinet that beloned to my father. it's in pretty sad shape (meaning, it needs new pads and corks to start with. just been neglected after heavy use 30 years ago so needs pretty serious TLC). I've been told it's an R13, but would like to verify if possible.

You get in line with an empty plate, peruse the many choices and make a few selections.

Fresh fruit, yogurt, cereal, scrambled eggs, potatoes, toast, bagels, sausage, bacon, blintzes, lox and so on…

However, I know nothing of the anatomy of a clarinet, so instructions will have to be suitably "dumbed down" if I need to look for a certain part and no, i'm not selling. Identification The R13 indeed shouldnt have a model stamped on.

I pretty much read through anything I can find with posts looking for model identification..

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