Dating girl multiple sclerosis

Explain that you both should move on because although you are in love, you are no longer compatible for the long haul. Don't drag things out and suggest compromises like, "We should try seeing other people." You are mature people who are in love and if you chose to cut the cord, you must.

The long-term outcome is difficult to predict, with good outcomes more often seen in women, those who develop the disease early in life, those with a relapsing course, and those who initially experienced few attacks.

Underneath is a great love affair that feels like it's crumbling. The strength of their love for each other is tested before they exchange their vows, and they pass with flying colors.

It is not uncommon to live "happily ever after" in spite of MS.

Proposed mechanisms include the hygiene hypothesis and the prevalence hypothesis.

Specific genes that have been linked with MS include differences in the human leukocyte antigen (HLA) system—a group of genes on chromosome 6 that serves as the major histocompatibility complex (MHC).The prevalence hypothesis proposes that the disease is due to an infectious agent more common in regions where MS is common and where, in most individuals, it causes an ongoing infection without symptoms.Only in a few cases and after many years does it cause demyelination.Not everyone makes that choice, however, and if you choose not to make a commitment to someone with MS, that is your prerogative. There is no other reason you can invent that will be believable.It will probably make you feel better if you wait a "grace" period and then find some other reason to break up, but this is deceitful and more painful.

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