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These basic, godly principles apply to every aspect of our lives, including the interesting, intriguing and challenging period of our lives when we are involved in dating. And are worldly dating practices different from what God expects of Christians?Do God’s people ever inadvertently adopt and practice ways of dating that are contrary to godly principles?This article will examine some of the fallacies and pitfalls of worldly dating, and contrast them with godly practices built on godly principles.As Christians, we must recognize that if we are not careful, worldly practices can make their way into our lives—even unbeknownst to us.Frequently, loneliness and searching to fulfill personal need results in identifying a dating partner based solely on sexual attraction. Exclusive dating quickly follows and as comfort levels and trust develop and individuals fail to guard their hearts, deep emotional and physical intimacy commence.Because attraction and intimacy are the engines driving the relationship, it rapidly intensifies.Our “throw-away-society” even results in “discarding” a dating partner when there is no more use for him or her.Heartache and dejection are so commonplace in the worldly dating scene that they are basically expected to be a “natural” part of the average person’s dating experience.

Sadly, that confusion frequently works its way into God’s Church, leaving many Christians with the same emotional scars that are inflicted on people in Satan’s world.In Joshua Harris’ bestseller, (2003), he deftly describes many of the following mistakes made by dating couples today.When we date to “get” and fill personal needs first, we are motivated by selfish and worldly reasons.In Satan’s modern world, sexual attraction and loneliness are two common motivators behind dating—not that attraction is wrong. Dating is seldom about building a friendship, or serving another person.Often, the end-goal in dating today is not to “give” to another person or even find a mate, but instead to fill one’s personal needs of loneliness and greed.

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