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I decided it wasn’t important enough and let it go.Of course, when he has been at our place, I’ve been conveniently away.Fairs and movies are more neutral settings and should be less of an issue.The fact of the matter is, you can never fully understand the romantic relationships of your 20-something kid.I think they protect their privacy and relationships to a much greater extent than we ever did.Bringing someone home is a big deal and they don’t do it lightly.

This may be a non-issue for many of you but for those for whom it is a thorn, make your decision and live with it.Back in prehistoric days, when I dated someone, he picked me up at home and my parents eyeballed and cross-examined him if necessary, even when not necessary. For some of us, a fleeting “ hi…nice meet you” is all we get as they shuffle quickly out the door.“How about we all go out for a casual dinner?” In my house, I may as well have suggested a blood test for them. Dinners out and slightly formal encounters are reserved for when your 20-something daughter has fully introduced the significant other to the family and everyone knows him well.I downsized to a spacious apartment from a larger home a year ago.With my daughter home for the summer and her boyfriend a distance away, she just assumed he would stay in her room, which is adjacent to mine, even though we have a lovely guest room with its own bath.

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