Dating high in school

At first, it was easy because I was flooded with confidence and being an independent woman.I even went through "cuffing" season without a single urge to find a date.I went on three dates after that and all were just as horrible.No, seriously, I had clingy dates, bored ones, and pity ones.I finished a book, did a book signing, and was doing a lot of things for myself. I kept my composure for one year before I caught feelings and I caught them hard. Slowly, I was making excuses, telling myself that dating wouldn't hurt.

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I didn't know until this experience that I was a huge fan of commitment.Then, after he planned the whole date with expensive places, I had to pay for myself. I was wondering what I did wrong and all I could blame it on was not waiting until after high school to date.Because obviously, this pact and not wanting to commit was the reason dates were going bad.I am blessed now to be dating a guy that makes every date so much fun, but it wasn't always that way.Some dates are going to be plain stupid, but it's okay if you don't want to continue seeing the person. The best part of my journey is that I really let myself be happy.

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