Dating love notes

This can help inform your love letter's main message. To give your note authenticity, be as specific as possible, says Chace. "Your sense of humor never fails to help lift me out of a fog at the end of a long day"). Omit anything you'd feel bad about your grandkids finding one day, says Chace.5. Take at least 10 or 15 minutes to get your thoughts in order.

Instead of saying "I love the way you laugh"—a rather generic line—try something like, "I love the way your eyes crinkle when you laugh." A well-written love note contains special tidbits that could only come from you.4. This will give you the chance to push beyond what you say every day, says Chace.

But first, over a dozen ideas (below) that'll help you strike the perfect cord between cute and meaningful. "If you're feeling weird or unsure, put yourself in your partner’s shoes," says Chace.

"Think about how great it would feel to get that message of love and affirmation."2. Once you feel more comfortable with the task at hand, start the process by thinking about you decided to write a love note in the first place.

Work at the office seems easier, and I'm getting more accomplished in less time.Every time we are together, the world looks a little better and the sun shines a little brighter.I'm not exaggerating when I say that you're the kindest, most animated, and most amazing person I have ever met.I enjoy our differences, but I'm happy that we share so many similar opinions and experiences. All the more surprising as your pretty face kept coming up between my calculator and all the formulas I had to deal with!Whatever differences exist can only broaden our horizons and our outlook on life. I like to think I'm getting to know you better each time we go out, but the truth is you're still full of surprises.

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