Dating low iq women

Literal to a fault, Maya didn’t explain what she meant by her answers.

She left his office with her eighth diagnosis: paranoid personality disorder.

That during her second year at Cambridge University in the U.

K., industrial doses of the antipsychotic quetiapine led her to pack on more than 40 pounds and sleep 17 hours a day.

I ended a 4-year relationship with an ex because all 3 were in the same person and it just made me feel like Sisyphus. Comparing things like that can only lead to problems. There's a lot more important things to look for in a partner than raw intelligence. These traits aren't mutually exclusive, but if your partner has to be smarter...

My newest FWB isn't always the brightest bulb in the box, but he's a good person and has way more life experience than me. than you want to date someone who likes being with a dumber

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He's a good man and I wish him happiness with the right girl, but it's not me.I tried dating a man who wasn't as smart as I was.He was an absolute sweetheart, but I could tell we'd never make each other happy in the long-run.I think that it's hard to call two different people smarter or "dumber" than the other when intelligence manifests in so many different ways.It's not as simple as having a lot of knowledge.

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