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If that logic was true, men couldn’t be obstetricians.” Hagmann said that the Virginia board is applying the wrong standard in assessing his conduct: He said that his trainees are “students,” not “patients” as the board calls them, and therefore he may have them perform procedures on one another as part of the educational process. Goodman said the video depicts gratuitous violence against the wounded pigs, and racist and sexist jokes by course instructors. Hank Johnson, an Armed Services Committee member who has introduced legislation to ban live-tissue training, said he was disturbed by the video and charges leveled against Hagmann by the Virginia Board of Medicine.He told Reuters the allegations are amplified by “animal rights advocates or those with an anti-military agenda.” Hagmann has drawn fire from animal rights groups for years because he is a leading practitioner of “live-tissue training,” which involves teaching students by using wounded live animals as patients. PETA posted the video, which includes graphic violence, at Xw N8It F3f E U. “It seems like this is a renegade contractor visiting abuse on military personnel and live animals,” said Johnson, a Georgia Democrat. It’s like a diabolical mad scientist at work in a horror movie.” In the Army, Hagmann practiced emergency medicine for two decades.Such testimonials stand in stark contrast with the board of medicine’s report.In one case detailed by investigators, Virginia authorities allege that Hagmann boasted to a student “about his proficiency with rectal exams” and took the student to a warehouse on his property. His company, Deployment Medicine International, has received more than .5 million in business from the federal government. The report alleges Hagmann told students to insert catheters into the genitals of other trainees and that two intoxicated student were subjected to penile nerve block procedures.

Military's Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences 1989 Commencement Exercises in this USUHS handout file photo taken in Washington May 20, 1989.

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Hagmann also is accused of conducting “shock labs,” a process in which he withdrew blood from the students, monitored them for shock, and then transfused the blood back into their systems.

In a statement Hagmann provided on Friday to Reuters, he said: “The mechanisms and protocols utilized in the training all comply with standard practices for training medical students and are, in fact, utilized in medical schools in Virginia.” Hagmann said the “claims of sexual misconduct cause me the most anguish.

Absolutely no ‘sexual gratification’ was involved and there is no evidence of such.” Hagmann said “the courses and procedures in question were all reviewed and approved” by officials at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, a government-run medical school that trains and prepares health professionals to support the military. “The procedures used during the training were not authorized by USU faculty,” said Sharon Holland, a spokeswoman for the Uniformed Services University.

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