Dating my professor

For example: “My sense is that you’ve been having a tough time the last few months, and I’ve tried to be as flexible as I can about deadlines and time away from the office.

Now that the academic year has started, I don’t have that same flexibility and will need you hitting deadlines and (insert whatever other changes you need to see).

If it makes any difference, in her field it is very common for people to date each other, so it wouldn’t be the most scandalous thing.

I’m torn between wanting to support my friend and having her be happy with a guy who seems like a great match, and wanting her to not sabotage her career this early on. Well, if they want to date, they’re going to date, and I suspect you’re not going to have much influence over that.

I understand she has limited bandwidth and this is somewhat out of her control, but I also am concerned about the work.

How can I balance being compassionate as she adjusts her treatment with being her boss and needing to proceed with projects?

Are there things I can do on my end that will help?

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Deadlines are going to stop being as flexibile, and I need her to be more on the ball.That said, I don’t think it’s terribly likely to hurt her professionally unless they have a truly awful break-up.If they just date and break up like normal people and keep the whole thing low-key, it’s not likely to be a big deal.The dates of my trip were coming closer, and it came up in conversation with Jane.Jane told me that she understands that I am very young (I’m 22) and may not understand how things work, but that I should have asked her supervisor, Cathy (who interviewed me), about my vacation.

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