Dating sites opening with ip

Furthermore, there are numerous online services dedicated to scouring the web for name matches.

These services don’t rely on your given name, but rather scour services for your online aliases.

If you reuse a name or email address, your profile becomes instantly more discoverable.

For instance, even as I was penning this article, a former special and auxiliary police offer was facing stalking charges directly linked to his use of dating sites.

Some online dating services even offer “incognito” style profiles that can only be viewed when there is direct communication between users.

I’ll elaborate on those in the “Consider These Dating Site Privacy Settings” section, below.

Authorities say Domingo Spinney, of Milford, used a bogus profile on the dating website Plenty Of Fish to arrange meetings with the women at restaurants last December–but the person the women were expecting never showed up.

Instead, they say Spinney hit on them at the bar when they thought they were being stood up.

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