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The non-SS springs were also applied to the ZL2 cowl-induction hood available on 1969 SS or Z28 cars.

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For the latter part of 69 production, the standard batteries were modified (they stayed the same size and rating) to side post terminals (called "sealed terminals" in Delco terminology).

For NOR cars, it appears the change to the Y77 side post battery occurred in late April, while the R79 side post battery was used starting in early- to mid-May.

(See the Battery Usage section for application information.) Delco introduced the Energizer line of batteries with molded plastic cases in 1967 (vs the earlier hard rubber cases with tar tops).

There were two different standard battery sizes used, a 45-Amp-hour (Ahr) version and 61-Ahr version (the Ahr rating is based on a 20 hour output test and is probably the best way to compare the power capabilities of batteries).

Which standard battery was installed was solely dependent on the engine displacement.

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