Dating website for men who like plus size women

“Fundamentally, we pay exceptional attention to the authenticity of the profile, employing AI recognition technology with a manual double check,” Penny said.“We try our best to ensure an authentic community for all users.” The Woo Plus team employs individuals living in the U. The startup is based in San Francisco, but its team spans the globe as Woo Plus plucks talent from other countries.Her weight made her target for rude comments on mainstream dating sites, and she had difficulty finding men to build her up instead of tearing her down.Neil wanted to send a body-positive message to the women of the world, like this sister, who may be carrying a few extra pounds but are no less deserving of love and devotion.Woo Plus empowers women to rate and tag male members they’ve met online or offline.The peer-review system helps Woo Plus identify and highlight desirable individuals while screening folks who don’t make the cut. The moderators take all reports seriously and investigate the user’s claims so they can take action for the good of the overall community.

The team does not tolerate users who harass, spam, or deceive others.

He has led the design and development of the dating app.

His curiosity, intellect, and geeky spirit inspire the team to push the boundaries of what a dating app can do.

By connecting a niche network of curvaceous daters, Woo Plus is combating the stigma against men and women with more to love.

I’ve heard many of my single friends complain about their weight and worry over their curves.

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