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On the Java platform, Saxon 9.9 requires Java 8 or above (earlier versions will run on Java 6 or above). All current releases are listed on the Saxonica download page.There are several editions of Saxon currently maintained: Saxon 9.9 on Java requires Java 8 or later. Source code for Saxon-EE is not available (except to Saxonica development partners).The focus is on retail, hotel and logistics properties as well as our new field of innovation.This is the home page for the Open Source SAXON XSLT processor developed by Saxonica Limited.The Stack Overflow site is the best place to get a good answer to straight coding questions, while the xsl-list (also known as the Mulberry list) is the place for deeper discussions about the nature of XSLT as a language.To search the history of previous questions and answers on these lists, the database maintained at Mark Mail is the most comprehensive and most readily searchable.The bug tracker for all versions of Saxon is a Redmine database hosted at io.You are free to enter new bugs here directly, or if bugs are raised by other routes (such as the mailing list) we will register them there if they need to be tracked.

If you need help using the underlying languages (XSLT, XQuery, XSD etc) and the problem is not specific to Saxon, it's better to use a general forum rather than a Saxon community resource.Note that bug fixes are typically made available in Subversion as soon as they are available, and are then consolidated periodically into a maintenance release.Source code under development is not held in Subversion, and is not available until a tested release is issued.Not included in the Home Edition are: schema processing and schema aware XSLT and XQuery; support for higher-order functions; support for XPath 1.0 (and XSLT 1.0) backwards compatibility mode, numerous Saxon extensions; calling out to Java methods; XQuery Update support; various optimizations including join optimization, streamed processing, multi-threaded execution, and byte code generation.There are four files available: a ZIP file containing executable code for the Java platform; a . NET platform; a resources file containing documentation and sample applications applicable to both platforms; and a ZIP archive of the source code for both platforms. Saxon 9.9 is currently considered the most stable and reliable release.

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