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Jeter and Mariah were never engaged - they dated right after her marriage broke up.Even if Jeter's only been seen publicly with women, the rumors have always been there.You know, 'after you get what you want, you don't want it' or something like that.Or maybe somebody's hole got too big for somebody else's cock or vice-versa, and expectations simply weren't being met.For years afterwards, through private dinners, and sleep overs, and long, sensitive talks on the beach (no doubt), the boys were stuck to each other like chicken feathers to tar.

An ESPN insider told me that it has long been an open secret that A-Rod is a swinger. It's more openly focused on female bisexuality as that is considered OK and "hot" publicly.

Jeter also won the prestigious Silver Slugger Award five times and was named the World Series MVP in 2000.

As an honorable reward for his selfless dedication to the team, Derek’s number 2 was retired in 2017.

However, all of the baseball exposure he got from home made him tilt more towards baseball.

One of his idols while growing up was Yankees player Dave Winfield.

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