Do dating sites make money

For this reason it’s been interesting to follow recent activity by The Meet Group (who are building a portfolio of dating apps) and the Affinitas / Spark Networks merger (with a portfolio of both dating apps and websites) — these businesses have real potential if they can successfully cross-sell users between their portfolio to maximise the monetisation opportunity. Can dating apps make as much money as traditional online dating sites? Skyrocket Your Dating Site with Next-Gen Chat Integration. Hello, all dating sites have their own ways of monetization. This week we'll take the next step in the importance of links by discussing extended text ad advertising. The editorial examines the impact of Spark Networks decision to change Christian Mingle. Note This month's editorial reads quite a bit like an Inside the Online Dating Industry column, therefore you may want to check it out. It's a matter of having the right plan at the right time with the right people. And some Web marketers are now theorizing that being an ugly site brings them more money because people click on an ad or Adsense link in order to leave the site, thus bringing the site owners more income.

And when you have a database that huge, you start to attract attention from the bigger online dating services who covet those users. Tip of the Week Last week's tip was about regularly publishing press releases to help increase your traffic and recognition.

As a Saa S platform, we’re committed to helping our partners generate as much revenue as possible which is why we haven’t focussed as much on dating apps as others have — our partners would be losing money.

Indeed, some of our partners recently tried running dating apps themselves and their experience corroborated our own position — it’s much more difficult to make money with dating apps than it is with traditional subscription-based dating websites.

To elaborate further on this — dating apps typically require minimal commitment to download and use and therefore have broadened the category beyond traditional dating sites.

However, apps typically do not monetise users as effectively as traditional dating sites.

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