Document review and updating allison stokke dating

When I’m working on a version controlled document, I always add a suffix “WIP” onto the file name to show that it is Work In Progress.

So, for example, version 1.3 is supposed to be a draft working towards version 2.0, but to my mind the “1” associates it more with version 1.0 than version 2.0. It’s very simple – it goes like this: The only downside is that you run into trouble after 26 drafts! Sometimes it’s as simple as adding the version number to the file name, rather than inserting an explicit document control section within the document, and it takes seconds to do.

An alternative to version control is a living document.

In a previous article I described a Functional Specification which resided on a shared drive and was continuously being updated during the life of the project.

One of the challenges of agile is to see just how little documentation you can get away with and still deliver working, maintainable software.

There is much talk of index cards and whiteboards, and of the code being the documentation.

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