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Eagle-eyed fans were quick to spot the similarity between the gold chain around Jennifer Lopez's neck and one in a certain someone's Instagram photo. Drake admits that he and Rihanna were 'kind of' dating. Reports suggest that they were pretty close on set as well. Drake and Chris Brown's squads reportedly clash at New York nightclub.

Drake pens song 'Fireworks,' which touches on his first 'date' with Rihanna. The beef between the two, reportedly over Brown seeing Rihanna again, escalates, with a fight breaking out in a nightclub both were attending.

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The pair were seen kissing, slow dancing and grinding up on each other. Drake and Rihanna appear together in video for 'Take Care'.

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Videos surfaced of Drake and Jennifer getting up close and personal at a 'Winter Wonderland' party. Rih returns the favour and appears on 'Take Care' She sings the hook on the title track.Although it's never been confirmed, rumors went around saying Rihanna has dated singer Chris Brown, and actor Shia Labeouf.When asked about Jay-Z, she denied having a romantic relationship with him.Rih seems to 'forget' to clap when Drake wins award.Drake confirms Rihanna was the cause of beef with Chris Brown during interview. Drake and Rihanna are spotted shooting a video together in LA.

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