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Bigg Boss had placed a total of 5 Golden Badges on the heaven side and the hell-mates had to try and replace them with their Dark Badges.Only two hell-mates could try once and captain Gauhar was given the responsibility to overlook the task and make sure it went according to the rules.She is widely known for her roles in several Bollywood movies and TV shows.Her breakthrough role in a movie came in 2003 in “Kuch toh Hai” where she shared the limelight with Tusshar Kapoor and Ekta Deol.Bigg Boss also arranged a court in the house later where each member could accuse another from opposite side had they felt something went unfair.

As a punishment from Bigg Boss,heaven side's money was reduced drastically.

A look at television actors whose relationship has gone through a rough patch or completely fallen apart in the recent past...

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Inmates in "Hell" were forced to rely on the housemates in the "Heaven" side for food and to use a tap outdoors for water.

This was revealed to the housemates on launch night, and entrants Tanishaa and Andy were tasked with dividing them into households.

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