Erika virtual dating walkthrough

Erika is a very attractive young teenager with curly auburn hair that is put up in a high ponytail with one loose curl in the middle of her face along with two curls framing each side and red eyes.She also has a curvaceous figure sporting a large bust who is also fairly tall and lean-built. During the summer vacation at Nagisa Tsuwamono's beach resort, Erika was seen wearing a blue swimsuit.Erika reads Hinata's and Takumi's relationship with Misaki with the former “flat as a paper balloon” and the latter “incompatible like fire and water unless he tries harder”.

Erika treats the customers of Maid Latte very nicely and it's quite good at volleyball, being very sportive and energetic.

Often, Erika is proud of her bust size and she is a strong woman.

In Episode 16, Erika and the other Maid Latte employees are invited to Nagisa Tsuwamono's (Satsuki Hyōdō's sister) resort.

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