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Behavioural study on consumer choices linked to date marking During EXPO 2015, a behavioural study on consumers' food choices and eating habits was conducted to explore how consumers respond to the absence of "best before" dates on shelf stable, non-perishable foods such as: pasta, coffee, UHT orange juice and canned tomato sauce.The study highlights the importance of the "best before" date in reassuring consumers about product quality and safety throughout their shelf life.The legibility of date marks was judged to be poor for 11% of products sampled.The study highlights the role that strengthened cooperation and innovation in the food supply chain can play in preventing food waste and finds that additional guidance may be needed to facilitate food redistribution past the "best before" date.

A dedicated sub-group of the EU Platform on Food Losses and Food Waste on date marking has been established to discuss possible options and guide all work in this area involving all actors concerned: public authorities in EU Member States, food business operators, consumer - and other NGOs.

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